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Meeting at Aldgate Station

Jack the Ripper-Walks has a Jack the Ripper escort! (Saturdays only)

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Unsuitable for children under 14

14-16 must be accompanied by an adult

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‘The Best of the Tours in a Cut-Throat Business’

Just so there is no confusion this video below was made in 2012 when I worked for Discovery Walks

With Jack the Ripper-Walks this is just a taster of what you will hear about Jack the Ripper’s crimes! Your Expert Ripperologist 24 yrs exp, in Victorian costume (Sat & Sun only) will lead you through the very streets,  where these murders took place on a mission to discover his identity! On our tour you will hear the gruesome details of Jack the Ripper’s murders, visit the original crime scenes and see crime scene photographs.

Ten Bells Pub where Mary Kelly drank

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an unforgettable experience!

Jack at Work

       Dare you walk with our tour into the dark where Jack will be waiting for you!



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Sweeney Todd Walks


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Temple Station

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Unsuitable for children under 14

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Easy Shaving for a penny,

as good as you will find any!

Said the sign over Sweeney’s door. A shave so close that you would be minus your head or find yourself plummeted down into the cellar where, if you had not broken your neck, Sweeney would soon finish you off with his barber’s knife! Hear the story of how Sweeney Todd chose his victims very carefully, robbed them, murdered them and disposed of their bodies in Mrs Lovett’s pies!



Inside Sweeney’s shop!
Hen & Chicken Ct where Sweeney’s shop supposedly stood

Also included, a tour of the Temple, a still gas-lit area, where medieval knights once lived until hey were accused of heresy by King Phillips V1 of France. Arrested, many were starved to death, some tortured to give up the secrets of their monastic order, (it was rumoured that they  practiced worshiping a jeweled head and other forms of heresy) they were then, burned slowly strapped to a scaffold. Also on the walk Temple Bar, Dr Johnson’s House, another mass murderer


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Temple Gateway


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