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Jenny did a fantastic job of guiding us through many of the, still standing in original form, eerie London streets upon which Jack The Ripper operated. She kept us all moving from location to location telling us the gruesome details of each killing along the way and she did a great job of keeping the information punchy and relevant. It just added to the effect that Jenny is a proper Londoner and knew how to handle the riff raff that was out and about on a Saturday night 😉 Would recommend to anyone who enjoys something a bit different.

James Coxall reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

James Coxall 1 February 18

In truth, I didn’t think I’d enjoy Jack the Ripper walk as much as I did, there again I hadn’t met Jenny at that point. Well we certainly had the cream of the crop, Jenny had done this tour for 24 years, you would’ve thought she’d just started as her passion and knowledge was fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone. (As long as Jenny is heading the tour)

Liz Fraser reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walk 5-star

Liz Fraser 28 January 18

This tour was really interesting and the tour guide was great! She was very knowledgable and friendly. 5/5

Ella Shaw reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Ella Shaw 9 December 17

Done the walk with Jenny and Jack last night with my partner Phil. Had a very interesting time. Very knowledgeable tour guides with loads of pictures to show how gruesome the murders really were! Both tour guides dressed in period costumes that added to our experience. Nice size group as well (not too large) Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone wanting to do the Jack walk!

Annette Blake reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Annette Blake 29 Oct 17

Thank you for such an enjoyable, interesting and informative evening on the Sweeney Todd tour. We had a great time exploring the hidden alleyways and courtyards, we had no idea that some of these places even existed. Thank you Jenny for being such a good guide – lots of interesting knowledge, stories and information. We will definitely look forward to doing the Jack the Ripper tour next.

Richard Hardy reviewed Sweeney Todd Walk 5-star

Richard Hardy 2 Oct 17

Went on the Sweeny Todd walking tour last night, Jenny was amazing! Her knowledge and passion for the subject made the tour very special. Thanks again, will definitely be booking our Jack the Ripper tour soon

Emma Elizabeth Moore reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Emma Elizabeth Moore 23 Sept 17

Jenny was great. Really informed, tells a wonderful tale and takes you to some lovely corners of London. I thought the Sweeney Todd tour was well worth recommending! Thanks Jenny!

Angie W reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Angie W 22 Sept 17

Great tour, Jenny is a fantastic story teller. Would recommend.

Liz Nolan reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Liz Nolan  16 Sept 17

This tour was fantastic Jenny has been doing the tour for 24 years and you can tell her wealth of knowledge of The Ripper is excellent. Jenny also tells the events in such a way that you feel that you could almost be there. Her story telling is so thrilling and exciting mixed with the images she supplies brings the incidents to life. A great insight to such a famous part of London history. Would highly recommend this tour for anyone with an interest in Jack the Ripper.

Ann Hancock reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Ann Hancock 10 Sept 17

I went on the Jack the ripper tour with a friend, both being fans of crime and murder mystery we thought this tour would be perfect and it definitely surpassed out expectations. Jenny is a great tour guide and as she took us through the streets of Whitechapel describing the gory murders by jack the ripper, I was mesmerized and had goose bumps. Jenny defiantly knows her stuff and her detailed geographic knowledge of the area allows your mind to take you back to the 1880s where Jack the ripper would have roamed these same streets in search for his victims. The tour was very well organised, started on time and the group wasn’t too big either so we could hear well and were captivated in the history the entire time. Also we went on a Saturday and got to walk with a very humorous and more delightful version of Jack the ripper . I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who is a fan of crime, murder mystery or would like to learn about the history of London.Amii-Rose Steward Aisha Smileyjee reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Aisha Smileyjee 3rd Sept 17

Myself and my Andrew went last night to do the Sweeney Todd tour (28/7). We absolutely loved it and realised just how little we actually know London! Jenny has a real way of telling each tale as you go around makes it really engaging. She definitely knows her stuff!!
There were about 10 of us on the tour so it was a nice small group and you could ask any questions if you wanted. It was great to not only see Sweeney Todd locations, but also Jack The Ripper ones and even tv and film locations as you go. We loved every second and can’t wait to do the Jack The Ripper tour soon. A brilliant night and you’ll definitely leave wanting to do another tour and finding London’s hidden gems. Thanks Jenny for a fab time and we’ll see you on the Jack one soon. Amii and Andrew
Amii-Rose Steward reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks 5-star

Amii-Rose Steward 29th July 2017

“The Best of the Tours in a Cut Throat Business”
We arrived to find our guides in atmospheric dress. Started our tour and saw the other groups looking jealously at us! Very knowledgeable guides who combined the facts with maps n pictures on sheets into a wonderful story line, that fitted well into the stopping points…..My suggestion to you all is go with the virgin experience tour … unless you like a monotone fact ridden drone by a person in modern dress ….
Thank you Virgin Crew … well found !!!
Oh and No I don’t work for them !
Vic n Tim
Vic n Tim reviewed Jack the Ripper-walks -5 star

Vic n Tim 27th July 2017

By text, Hi Jenny, just wanted to say a big thank you for the fab jack the Ripper tour last night, our party really enjoyed it, You and Bob are very professional and informative and we loved it, look forward to going on your Sweeney Todd tour maybe in October you made our night cheers! Frances

Frances reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks -5 star

Frances 24th July 2017

I did the walk on 24th June with a friend. Loved every minute of it. Jenny is an excellent guide, willing to answer any questions asked. Jenny has certainly done her research, and it was so interesting listening to her, and hearing her personal theory on who Jack may have been.
Never a dull moment on the tour.
An added bonus is that it is a small group and you really feel included.
I would certainly recommend Jenny’s tour to anyone wanting to do the Jack the Ripper walk.
Hoping to do the Sweeney Todd tour with Jenny soon.

Carole Rishman reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks -5 star

Carole Rishman 26th June 2017

Stories of Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett were the thread that ran through an evening of stories that touched on Jack the Ripper, The Knights Templar/Hospitaller, history of print and St Brides. Marilyn and I wandered back lanes that we hadn’t been down before and in good company. The guide, Jenny, was incredibly knowledgeable, really done her research. We can recommend this tour.

Peter Wooley reviewed Sweeney Todd Walk -5 star

Peter Wooley 30 May 2017

Attended 22nd April. A friend and I came on the walk and had a great time. Jenny was fantastic, engaging, and willing to stop and debate different theories. Really got into character.Small group so could take in all that was being said. Noticed other guides on walks, that were taking place, didn’t dress up and the groups were very large. Would highly recommend.

Caroline ‘Caz’ Jones reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walk – 5 star

Caroline Jones 9 May 2017

My husband and I attended the tour on the 18th Feb and it was fab! Jenny and “Jack” were  very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dressed for the occasion making the experience all that  more authentic. The 2 1/2 hours flew by. Next one on our bucket list is “Sweeney Todd” with Jenny.  Thank you!

Michelle Lusardi reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walk -5 star

Michelle Lusardi 26 February 17

Attended the Sweeney Todd Tour tonight which was full of in depth history, gripping stories, gruesome tales, and hidden gems of London. Jenny really knew what she was talking about and was so interesting to listen to, was hooked to her words at all times! Absolutely loved it!

Lizzie Kate Reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks – 5 Star

Lizzie Kate 24 February 17

Very good tour and a lovey, engaging tour guide!

Anna Johansson 15th Jan 2017

Jack Short reviewed Jack the Ripper-Walks – 5 star

Jack Short 14th Jan 2017

Jenny is amazing! She gave us so much information and loads of pictures to help us visualise the gruesome scenes. She also helped everyone figure out how to get home after! Thanks jenny !

Natasha Cambridge 7th Jan 2017

Great tour, Jenny was really interesting to listen to! Had lots of pictures too which made it a lot easier to visualise London as it would’ve been at the time. She even showed us how to get back to The Ten Bells when the tour finished!

Lauren Mildred Warner 7 January at 22:07 ·

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking my team on the tour last week. Feedback would suggest they all thoroughly enjoyed the walk and they commented that your passion for the subject really shone through and made it even more interesting to listen to. It certainly sparked some conversation about Jack the Ripper afterwards too!

Thanks again. It was lovely to have met you.

Kind Regards

Jacqueline A Hall

“Sweeney Todd Tour”

Lovely lady – very entertaining- really knew her stuff. Lots of info. Would highly recommend. 5*

Sandy – 28 May 2016

I love a walking tour as I find they take me to places I wouldn’t normally frequent and this Jack the Ripper tour did just that.

The booking process was so simple and, although we booked at the very last minute, communication was A1 and everything confirmed very quickly. The price was amazing considering this was to be nearly a three hour tour!

Although there was some disruption on the underground the weekend we did this tour, the tour guide made sure she waited an extra few minutes before starting the walk, to wait for a few late comers. She even made a couple of phone calls to locate people, which impressed me greatly.

We enjoyed the tour very much and it certainly took us off the usual beaten path of London that we visit. The time flew by, the commentary was interesting, the pictures were as gruesome (as promised!) and on the whole, it was a very enjoyable few hours. The walk it’s self wasn’t challenging and would easily be accessible to all. A great way to see parts of London and to pass a few hours!

Our guide Jenny was an experienced guide and very informative. She was fun and down to earth. I Learnt so much about the crimes and London in the 1800’s. Worth every penny and highly recommended

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24 Apr 2016

5* We went on the Sweeney Todd walk on Friday which was brilliant. Got to see some really interesting places and learn a lot of history!

Thank you x

Beth Downing – 15 March 2016

5* Spent a freezing cold evening with my partner and the wonderful Jenny, enjoying an incite into the world of Jack the Ripper! Previously having read lots and watched a bit! I wondered how much this would add. I was delighted with this tour, it gives a grounded realism to the area, it’s history and it’s changes and the brilliant narrative by our guide gives far more than any book could, whether new to the enigma of Jack or a seasoned ripperologist in the making you’ll enjoy every minute! Despite the temperature and our frozen toes would have happily wandered round for another 2 hours!

Matt Bloomfield – 2 March 2016

5 star. Had the Jack the Ripper tour and it was simply amazing! The tour was really well organised and Jenny really knowledgeable and able to keep the suspense! We spent a really nice afternoon, observing with proper eyes streets I normally just cross without knowing the story behind them, having a proper full immersion in the London of late XIX century. I would definitively recommend it!

Alessia Alle – 21 February 2016

5 star. A really interesting tour on an extremely cold Sunday afternoon. Jenny was great, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. I liked the range of photos and details about existing architectural features which help you step back in time.

Laura Sharpe – 21 January 2016

5* Went on the tour yesterday Saturday 19th March and thought it was great. Excellent to walk the streets and hear about the murders from our fantastic tour guide Jenny. Look forward to going on another tour in the near future. Definitely would recommend!

Michelle Charalambous – 10 August 2015

The Sweeney Todd tour was excellent, and I was fortunate to have a private tour from the lovely Jenny! We met near the Thames, and thus began a 2 hour odyssey of the most mysterious parts of London at dusk, including wandering eerie gas-lit parks, herbal manicured gardens and tales of the Templar.

Local Jenny is engaging, funny and well-known in the local area, especially Brick Lane 🙂
A must for fans of the Sweeney Todd mythology, with the actual version of the story told, with centuries-old pubs, buildings and underground cellars featured, takes you right back to the real ancient London.

5 stars.


We very much enjoyed it this afternoon! Thanks very much x

Adele Caulfield – 4 October 2015

My friend Alfie and I where on the Sweeney Todd Tour with Jenny, she was a lovely friendly and chatty guide who showed us some interesting facts and information about the streets of London.
I enjoyed listening into her knowledge of different places and the stories which laid behind them, it was absolutely amazing to see the beautiful buildings and the different stories in the Sweeney Todd Tour which made it enjoyable and eye opening to see another gruesome but also quaint and beautiful side to London.
I would definitely consider coming back on another tour to see different areas and also to enjoy the company of our tour guide, 5 star.

Alfred Whitmore – 18th September 2015

Thanks for a wonderful tour – we were really interested in your theories and loved the FBI profile, especially. It was great to learn about the history of the east end and we have already recommended you to three other people!!!! We might be back to book the Sweeney Todd walking tour, towards summer – but thanks for a great evening!

26 May 2015

Thank you for the lovely afternoon, I will definitely book some more walks with you

30th April 2015

Lady was very knowledgeable and very helpful

24 March, 2015

Very enjoyable loved all the extra bits thrown in and the tour of the Temple

16 February, 2015